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A building warranty is a comprehensive insurance policy that is provided by a developer to the owner/buyer. It offers peace of mind that the building has been constructed to a standard set by the warranty provider.

Buyers of the buildings within new developments will look for the reassurance of a warranty. Particularly in the case of a new build home; It is a condition of most mortgage applications that a structural warranty is in place for newly built or converted properties and it can be difficult to sell the building further without a warranty, if it is less than ten years old.

The warranty provision promoted by LABC is well respected but should you wish to consider an alternative where our surveyors undertake the technical audit for the warranty, you may wish to consider PROTEK

LABC Warranty

Since 2007 LABC Warranty has worked in partnership with Local Authority Building Control (LABC) to provide structural warranties.  Our unique partnership with LABC means that together we can provide building control and warranties throughout England and Wales using the combined technical expertise of over 3,500 surveyors.

We have been providing warranty cover for over 10 years, working with some of the largest housebuilders and commercial contractors in the country. All of our policies are underwritten by ‘A’ rated global insurers, ensuring you and your buyers are protected for the duration of the policy. As a founding member of the Consumer Code for Home Builders homebuyers will benefit from having the added protection offered by the code. Our cover is accepted by all leading UK mortgage lenders helping you and your buyers secure finance easily.

We understand the hard work and dedication that it takes to deliver quality homes, which is why our awards are designed to recognise developers who go the extra mile. Our annual awards ceremony, The Bricks, rewards developers, housing associations and contractors for delivering exceptional sites. The Site Manager awards recognises Site Managers who achieve the highest standards in housebuilding.

Protek Warranty

We at the East Sussex Building Control Partnership have a working relationship with a company called Protek who provide warranties for building work. Protek is an established structural warranty provider that is backed by ’A’ rated security. They are focused on providing customers with comprehensive 10 year structural warranty cover. Protek are able to provide a range of warranties to cover different types of building works such as:

  • New Home Warranty
  • Affordable Housing
  • Basic Warranty
  • Commercial Warranty

This service eradicates a duplication of inspectors on site which improves overall communication. We will be able to fulfil the structural warranty technical audit function at the same time, reporting directly through their web based audit system.  If you elect to use us here at Building Control your quotation will itemise the warranty fees separately, which are payable directly to Building Control. All building work carried out should meet current building regulation requirements in addition to the requirements of the technical manual.

A typical program of site based inspections focuses on 7 key stages of the construction process as outlined below in addition to the requirements of the Building Regulations:

  1. Foundations: Ground conditions, proximity of trees, suitability of proposed design, excavations, contamination. Service preparation.
  2. Substructure: Oversight preparation, DPC positioning, DPM membrane, gas barrier & ventilation, reinforcement, sound transmission.
  3. Superstructure – Ground Floor: Wall construction (traditional or frame), insulation, fire protection, DPC, barriers, lateral restraint,  maintained cavity, ties and cleanliness, correctly installed trays, expansion joints, preparation for steelworks, sound insulation, service penetrations, correct application of safety glass.
  4. Superstructure – Upper Floors: Wall construction (traditional or frame), insulation, fire protection, DPC, barriers, lateral restraint,  maintained cavity, ties and cleanliness, correctly installed trays, lead trays, expansion joints, preparation for steelworks, sound insulation, spans, fixing, noggins and partition support, service penetrations, correct application of safety glass.
  5. Roof Structure & Weatherproofing: Roof construction, ladder support, wind bracing, wall plate installation, movement joints, adequate restraint & fixing, service penetrations & weathering, valley & flat roof deck, roof coverings, ventilation, trays and flashing.
  6. Pre-Plaster – Service penetrations in structural elements, ducting, fire stopping, floor and steel work structures, staircases, floor covering secure, wet room/area preparation, insulation, insulation around openings.
  7. Completion – All ducting complete, weep holes clear, service penetrations closed, All certificates and guarantees, Completion of joinery, inspection of rendering, finished external ground levels, threshold details, No health & Safety issues, testing and commissioning certificates received. Product assessment

If you have any questions about this please contact a member of our team on 01892 602005 or Email us

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