Works exempt from building regulations

(Please not that this is not an exhaustive list and that other works may be exempt, this is just a list of our most common exemptions)

Some building works do not require building regulations if they comply with certain conditions. Some example of these are:-

Car Ports

  1. Under 30m2
  2. Open on at least 2 sides.

Small detached building under 15m2

  1. Under 15m2
  2. No sleeping accommodation

Detached building

  1. Under 30m2
  2. Minimum 1m from boundary or Constructed of non combustible materials
  3. No sleeping accommodation


  1. Under 30m2
  2. External quality doors from the main house
  3. Be on a separate heating/electrical system from the main house


If in doubt always check with the Building Control Service – Contact us